Le Champagne Comte de Monte-Carlo

Champagne Comte de Monte-Carlo has been selected from among the best Champagne creators in order to offer unique wines belonging to a noble terroir.
Concerned about environmental issues, the selected winegrowers have cultivated their land with love and passion for generations,
committing themselves to preserving their land through sustainable viticulture methods.

Monte-Carlo, the most chic district of Monaco, is globably known as the quintessence of Luxury, Elegance and Glamor,
which are reflected in both the Comte de Monte-Carlo brand, and in our Champagne coming from a familial and inherited exploitation.
Champagne Comte de Monte-Carlo and the Champagne winegrowers share their taste for excellence,
and ancestral know-how in order to offer tradition, art and exception on all occasions.

For centuries, Monte-Carlo has been the benchmark of elegance, luxury and refinement, concepts that remind us of   everything related to Champagne.
Champagne Comte de Monte-Carlo represents the quintessence that emerges from the union between a prestigious brand and a luxury procuct.


Our Champagne, springs from a perfect fusion created by champenois people with unique, meticulous, ancestral and refined manufacturing methods with a brand in search of authenticity,
a brand that demands the best know-how of  a prestigious art in order to develop a blend of pure excellence. ◆

Our chosen partner Champagne houses all have HVE3 certification:
“High Environmental Value”,  
based on results indicators relating to biodiversity.




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