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bottle in ocean
Water is Precious

Comte de Monte-Carlo brought together Monaco’s legendary emblems such as champagne and diamonds to celebrate the preciousness of one of the world’s endangered treasures: water

At a metaphorical level there is the message on the bottle: « The water thus oceans can be as precious as diamonds » .

« The Ocean »  champagne was conceived with a limitless spirit to be a unique benefit for Planetary Health, where the proceeds of sales of this one and only champagne will support a better future for the ocean and the planet.


Comte de Monte-Carlo has been the official champagne at the Monaco Yacht Show since 2021.

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The collector edition of six Methuselah bottles that hold 6 litres each and one Nebuchadnezzar bottle that holds 15 litres of champagne will be showcased during the Monaco Yacht Show.

Comte de Monte-Carlo and Sun King Diamonds joined forces and created a one-of-a-kind collection of champagne bottles, coated with natural diamonds, to raise awareness about Ocean and Planetary Health.  The bottles, bejewelled with the unrivalled finish of Sun King® Diamond Coating, are called « The Ocean » and « The Mediterranean Sea ».